Gesinflot by TDI

Gesinflot by TDI

TDI is a European company focused on Fleet Management and Security Solutions with more than 25 years experience on the market.

Our main product, Gesinflot, has turned into one of the most comprehensive telematics and fleet management systems for commercial vehicles in virtually all types of road transport and it is an integral solution to securitize your fleet of vehicles, semitrailers and driver activities.

We are experts in security and TAPA Certification Consultans besides TAPA Premier Partner in 2023, and we have clients in all three levels of the TAPA EMEA’s Trucking Security Requirements (TSR) Standar.

We offer dedicated security functions such as the monitoring of the safety components of both tractor units and trailers or a highly sophisticated alarm management. The vertical depth of the product, with hardware and software produced in-house, is unrivalled: 

  • All-in-one telematics box with high-performance battery
  • Real-time connection to all common ERP/TMS systems, tracking platforms and visibility systems
  • Integration of alarm centres Securitas, Prosegur, Second,…
  • Special functions such as trailer immobiliser, pneumatic locking/unlocking of the door security lock, panic button,…
  • Order processing including (sensitive) document management
  • Integrated business intelligence for controlling and strategic decision making

More than 300 renowned transport fleets and 20,000 drivers across Europe benefit from the flexible and holistic gesinflot solution. 

Gesinflot by TDI


Contact: Eduardo Garassini Celli, CEO

T: +34 653 504 596

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