Founded in 2016 and with headquarters in Austin, Texas, and Dundalk, Ireland, Overhaul is the only data-agnostic supply chain visibility and security solution. Overhaul transforms real-time, data-driven visibility into risk management, compliance, and insurance solutions for its partners. Its software-based approach offers high configurability and efficient time-to-value to supply-chain organizations without heavy tech. Overhaul goes beyond visibility and risk monitoring with automated, proactive risk alerts, multi-layered security, and connections to local law enforcement. 

Additionally, Overhaul’s experienced team members hold thousands of years of logistics experience, partnering with each client to create a comprehensive solution for their entire supply chain. As such, Overhaul has quickly grown to be a trusted provider for Fortune 100 companies moving freight globally across industries, such as pharmaceutical and healthcare, technology, logistics, and food and beverage. Customers include Microsoft, Bristol Myers Squibb and many others.



Contact: Mike McSpedon, Chief Revenue Officer

T: +1 917-716-7927
E: michael.mcspedon@over-haul.com
W: https://www.over-haul.com

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