LandRisk Logistics

LandRisk Logistics

Risk Intelligence is a dynamic world leader in risk assessment and planning, specialising in threat analysis on land, in ports and at sea.

Risk Intelligence specialises in the analysis of threats from and interaction between cargo theft, organised crime, terrorism, insurgency, piracy, and military conflicts, and launched the Risk Intelligence System in 2008 – a fully integrated risk assessment and planning tool.

The Risk Intelligence System offers clients a complete picture of immediate, short-, and medium-term security risks for port and landside threats through two of its three modules, PortRisk and LandRisk Logistics – enabling complete situational awareness through route overviews, threat assessments and incident alerts.

LandRisk Logistics is designed to meet the security and risk planning needs of cargo owners and logistics companies producing and transporting goods throughout Europe, and forms part of the Risk Intelligence System. The solution visualises and interprets security threats specific to the client’s selected lanes, while simultaneously providing oversight on multiple logistics lanes. 

LandRisk Logistics serves the complex security needs of logisticians, and supports both strategic planning of multiple logistics lanes, and fast, tactical response to arising threats and the need for secure rerouting. The solution is also benchmarked against industry best practice and international guidelines and is built to support organisations in complying with compliance standards such as ISO 28000 and TAPA TSR. 

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LandRisk Logistics


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