LandRisk Logistics

LandRisk Logistics

Security risk management and threat response in one integrated system – to keep your fleet, cargo and drivers safe 24/7

LandRisk Logistics is a security risk planning product by Risk Intelligence, that allows you to plan and monitor multiple road freight routes, based on accurate incident data and security surveys, and find verified secure parking on the go. The system automates your route monitoring, providing security incident alerts for arising threats, as well as threat assessments for cargo theft hotspots along your routes.  

Agile security planning across your fleet

The combination of the system’s strategic dashboard with the tactical tools is what makes LandRisk Logistics operational. The strategic dashboard allows you to build and compare risks on multiple routes across Europe, and the Lane Threat Assessment tool enables tactical decision-making on the go when delays or redirections happen, or sudden threats arise. Route stops such as lay-overs, planned parking and unplanned stops are visualised on the route in map view, with a variable threat radius.

Integrate your company data and ensure compliance

LandRisk simplifies the complexity of making strategic calls on land-based logistics risks. Benchmarked against compliance standards such as ISO 28000, TAPA TSR and ISO 22301 and built on Risk Intelligence System data and features, LandRisk Logistics is a proven solution to streamlining intelligence across your fleet.


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LandRisk Logistics


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