Most supply chain communication platforms are using slogans like Supply Chain Transparency, Intelligent Risk Management, Crystal Clear Visibility …

It looks almost like a new trend to use fancy slogans, but how about real-time Security Monitoring and an Effective 24/7 incident response?

Natural Transparency and Visibility is very important and indispensable for an end-to-end supply chain platform, but isn’t it useless without an adequate alarm response? We are convinced that 24/7 real-time supply chain visibility is critical for complex global manufacturers, logistics providers and freight carriers of high value, high risks products moving in supply chains in Europe. If you manufacture or provide transport and logistics services for high risks products, 24/7 real time Truck monitoring combined with an adequate professional European-wide response should be critical to the success of your business.

With the Truck.Watch platform your transports becomes 24/7 visible for the Alarm Monitoring & Intervention Center (AMC) that’s real time monitoring your high value, high risks or temperature controlled cargo. With a broad range of API technologies and TMS integrations the Truck.Watch portal is safeguarding your goods and protecting your business reputation.



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