Day 2 - Session 2

Defending against Organised Crime Group attacks on ecommerce supply chains

Presenter:Christian Beuter, Head of Loss Prevention & Security Germany, Samsung SDS Europe.

Most supply chain stakeholders take great care in protecting their facilities, storage operations, and the transportation services for high value theft targeted goods.

“But how does this work if organised criminals have found ways they can trick and cheat us by using normal order placement via e-commerce shops?” Christian asks. 

In this presentation, he will discuss what’s happening around us, current types of fraud, and risks to last mile operations. He will offer his experience on how to protect supply chains from an attack, how to investigate cases when they do occur, and tools, systems, and early warning signs which can signal you’ve been a victim of refund fraud or last mile offenders.


In a career spanning 30 years of international loss prevention and security management, Christian has spent 9 years in German Law Enforcement, 14 years with BMW Group Corporate Security – including 3 years in China at BMW Brilliance Automotive as Head of Corporate Security – and 18 months with DHL Express Aviation Security, focussed on quality, compliance, and services. He joined Samsung SDS over four years ago and is involved in developing and implementing loss prevention and security policies, programmes, and procedures as well as the execution of operational activities in order to prevent and reduce losses caused by criminal acts, theft or fraud involving the transportation or warehousing of goods throughout Germany, supporting other Samsung security teams in Europe.

Christian Beuter

Christian Beuter

Head of Loss Prevention & Security Germany, Samsung SDS Europe