Day 2 - Session 5

Hostile profiling: risk to supply chains from online data and devices

Presenter: David Benford, Managing Director, Blackstage Forensics

What do you know about ‘Hostile profiling’ and the risks to supply chains from online data and devices?
Most of us think we are aware of vulnerabilities around social media, but these represent only part of the bigger picture. Different types of data connected to us can create opportunities for nefarious individuals to attack your supply chain, trace our homes and our family, friends, and even contact details and passwords.
David’s presentation will demonstrate the methods used by third parties to digitally profile targets through online sources and how the types of data users, sometimes unwittingly, share online can create security vulnerabilities. It will also offer some solutions to help mitigate such attacks. He will discuss how online information is used by criminals to affect the supply chain and company employees & contractors, looking at possible attack vectors derived from monitoring online data and smartphones, and how adversaries can profile targets. David will offer his experience and advice on how to mitigate this.


David Benford is known and respected internationally for his work in open source intelligence, and is an expert on privacy and security vulnerabilities from online data and mobile devices. He has worked with numerous clients in the logistics, broadcasting and entertainment industries and the public and  private sectors, and has trained hundreds of others in OSINT investigations. Blackstage work closely with some of the most famous companies in the world, helping protect senior executives and investigating threats.

David Benford

David Benford

Managing Director, Blackstage Forensics