Day 2 - Session 6

‘Young Supply Chain Resilience Professional of the Year’ Award

Presenters: Mike Yarwood, Managing Director Loss Prevention, TT Club, and Thorsten Neumann, President & CEO of TAPA EMEA

In 2023, as part of TAPA EMEA’s aim to promote careers in cargo security and supply chain resilience, the Association is partnering with TT Club, the leading provider of insurance and related risk management services to the international transport and logistics industry, to present this new award to help identify outstanding individuals excelling in the profession.

The ‘Young Supply Chain Resilience Professional of the Year’ Award was open to all supply chain security stakeholder members of TAPA EMEA. To enter, applicants were required to produce an up to 1,500-words written submission on an innovative cargo security or supply chain resilience initiative they have developed or contributed significantly to, such as: 

  • a project outlining an innovative approach to supply chain security concerns;
  • a particular supply chain security/cargo loss challenge that they have faced and overcome with an innovative solution;
  • an innovative solution they have developed and deployed to address a new or emerging supply chain security risk.  


Michael Yarwood is Managing Director for TT Club’s Loss Prevention department. Mike joined TT Club in 2010 as a Claims Executive providing advice to transport operator Members globally, having previously held operation management roles within the logistics industry for 13 years. Mike is a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Logistics and Transport, a Technical Specialist Member of the Institute of Risk Management, and a Member of the Chartered Insurance Institute. Mike continues to develop strategic relationships with key trade organisations including being a co-opted Member of FIATA’s advisory body legal matters group.

Michael Yarwood

Michael Yarwood

Managing Director, Loss Prevention, TT Club

Thorsten Neumann

Thorsten Neumann

President & CEO, TAPA EMEA