All One View is a supply chain security and visibility product, developed by GGL Security – specialists in supply chain security since 1994.  Our certified control towers and alarm monitoring centres launch responses to incidents, escalations, and infractions globally.

The All One View platform creates transparency across entire supply chains. We combine road, rail, air and ocean freight data into one single journey to create enhanced visibility and digitization, allowing users to track shipments from production to destination.

Data from multiple fragmented systems such as GPS devices, haulier fleets, telematics platforms, ERP and TMS systems is easily consolidated into a single platform.

Interactive, live dashboards enable proactive decisions to mitigate risk, delays, and blind spots – giving full visibility and insight into your supply chain performance.

Planning and security teams are empowered by features and tools to secure the supply chain and meet compliance requirements.

Our groundbreaking ideas and solutions in supply chain security enable transparency, reduce risk and simplify the processes to deliver a composite security solution.



Colm McMahon, Commercial Manager

T: +353 86 1300099

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