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Global Security Operations

Global Security Operations  The mission of Global Security Operations (GSO) is to support Amazon’s Worldwide Operations, as well as affiliate and retail businesses, by creating and maintaining a work environment that is both prepared and secure through global security centers of excellence staffed by subject matter experts in people and asset protection. We accomplish this by creating policy and implementation guidelines; training leadership and staff; using technology to eliminate subjectivity, complexity, and variation; identifying, preparing for, and mitigating risk; and auditing our practices to ensure compliance.  

We protect Amazon’s people, operations, reputation, and assets by fostering a safe, secure, and resilient end-to-end supply chain that our associates and customers value and trust. 

GSO strives to be an efficient ecosystem of experts, analytics, and technologies that reduce security disruptions to ensure Amazon delivers on its customer promise. GSO deploys data-driven strategies and tactics to protect Amazon’s people, operations, brand, and assets from threats; secure Amazon’s tangible and intangible assets from loss and damage; secure Amazon’s network and supply chain from end-to-end; enable the continuity and resilience of Amazon’s operations; and manage risks and impacts of inevitable crises.  

EMEA Security & Loss Prevention

EMEA Security & Loss Prevention Sitting within the Global Security Operations (GSO) organisation, Security & Loss Prevention (S&LP) enables business success through the protection of people, prevention of loss and assurance of operational continuity. Within Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) we are a diverse team of professionals that proactively manage evolving security related risks to create and maintain a secure working environment for all. Working in partnership with our customers we secure the Amazon supply chain end to end and bring the consideration of security forward in business decision making. We do this by integrating the provision of security and loss prevention services across Amazon’s operational infrastructure. This is known as providing security as a service (SaaS).

Amazon Global Security

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