Keyless protection of valuables as drivers, cargo, trailers and swap bodies.

Autida’s focus is to reduce the security issues and business disruptions in road transportation with innovative cost-efficient solutions to prevent unauthorized access to valuable assets as cargo, Trailers and Swap bodies.

Cooler-Guard system – cyber-secure, patent protected integrated keyless protection of cargo, trailers and swap bodies:

  • no more locking bolts stuck in deep frozen trailers
  • sustainability in focus, no batteries, cables, hydraulics, air-pressure or power supply required to lock/unlock
  • audit trail of locked/unlocked status, geo-position and time stamp
  • cutting resistant locking bolts and automatic locking when closing doors
  • 4-eyes access control enabled, the driver can be protected and isolated from keys and codes
  • a unique high performance sensor- and alarm system optional
  • supporting the high standard TAPA TSR 1 and additional requirements

Continuously changing threats and Modus Operandi requires rapid development capability and a clear understanding to meet the challenges.

Autida’s approach and quick response to action is based on our unique experience and daily learning. More than 15 different patents in the field of security, locks and access control have been invented by Autida staff, filed by Autida and a global company, since 2015. We are looking forward to share our experience




Contact: Peter Stenlund, CEO & Founder
T: +46 70 787 55 65

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