Avertic Armour

Avertic Armour

We’re a Swedish textile technology company specialized in physical protection.

Our products are in active service all over the world, protecting security containers, cash in transit vehicles (CIT), security doors, strong rooms and a wide range of other secure enclosures and high-value objects.

Our lightweight and flexible anti-cut panels are robbers’ worst nightmare as they delay power tool break-in attempts and often stop them completely. They’re the last barrier between robbers that use grinders, petrol driven cut-off saws, reciprocating saws, drills and chainsaws to steal from you.

We are a part of Engtex AB.

Website: www.averticarmour.com

Avertic Armour


Hampus Suomela
Account Manager

Phone: +46 321 53 39 29
Mobile: +46 720 65 83 29
E-mail: hampus.suomela@averticarmour.com

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