Contguard is a global AI-based IoT technology company that provides advanced solutions for securing and monitoring goods in transit. With over a decade of collaboration with international organizations, our commitment is unwavering: to deliver an end-to-end service that ensures complete visibility, security, and sustainability of your goods during transit. Our holistic approach is designed to safeguard the integrity of your goods while optimizing supply chain operations.

Founded in 2014 by experts in security, logistics, supply chain, and big data, Contguard’s unique solutions combine IoT sensors, GPS tracking, and AI. Contguard delivers real-time tracking of shipments from origin to destination,providing detailed information such as current location, intrusion alerts, estimated time of arrival, temperature, humidity and more. Backed by our 24/7 control center, we uphold security standards tailored to our clients’ needs. Additionally, our expansive global network ensures you receive local customer support and comprehensive reverse logistics services for our IoT devices.



Shuki Herzlinger,
EVP Sales
Mobile: +972 (54) 745-0457
Office: +972 (9) 748-2192

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