G4S an Allied Universal Company

G4S an Allied Universal Company

We are the leading worldwide provider of security services, with a presence in over 90 countries and 800,000 employees, providing security throughout the supply chain to:

  • Protect against financial and reputational losses
  • Provide peace of mind
  • Deliver compliance

We call it integrated security – a combination of personnel, technology and process. You can consume products in isolation but they work best when deployed together. So what might they include?

At the manufacturing plant or warehouse, it may include:

  • Personnel providing a permanent or mobile presence to deter intruders or respond to alerts
  • Technology including intelligent surveillance, secure parking and access management technologies
  • Process – including advanced risk assessments or bespoke security training

Then when your asset is in transit we may provide:

  • Personnel to escort your assets supported by mobile incident response teams.
  • Technology to track vehicles and assets in real-time, smart locks, panic alarms smart driver authentication devices and cargo sensing technology

All supported by real-time monitoring to communicate and coordinate a physical response when needed

We work domestically and internationally – if you transport goods across borders you can be confident in using our services. 

Our international reach and breadth of security services really set us apart.

Website: www.g4s.com

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G4S an Allied Universal Company


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Michalis Chronopoulos
Head of Security Risk Management

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