Since 1993, Multiprotexion has been a one-stop-shop provider for GPS security systems, active and predictive security for the transport and warehousing business, focused on preventing events such as thefts and robberies. 

We closely work with producers of high value goods in fashion, technology, tobacco, food and pharmaceutical sectors. 

To meet our customers’ needs, Multiprotexion has developed customized security products and procedures that draw upon our long experience. In addition to its headquarters in Milan – (Italy), the company has a branch in Westerlo (Belgium) and an R&D Innovation Center Office in Bolzano (Italy). The recent acquisitions of ITS SRL (Italian company specialized in CCTV security) and TN-Invest BV (a Belgian company specialized in telematic services) completes the technical offer and strength the presence of the Multiprotexion group in the Italian and European market. 

Its multiplatform Operations Center operates 24/7, UNI CEI EN 50518 certified, is staffed exclusively by Certified Security Guards (according with the Italian law) who are specialists in the remote monitoring and daily manage transport of goods for about €100.000.000 value. We offer a multilingual service (18 languages spoken) and, thanks to its international partner network, Multiprotexion is able to detect and manage alarms generated throughout Europe (EU 27) + UK and CH. Thanks to our procedures and predictive technologies, in the last year our success rate was around 98% of voided theft and robberies attempt on trucks and building surveilled. Success became 100% when the vehicles were controlled under TELEMATIC ESCORT®.

All of this confirms our mission: Making the world a safer place.




Francesco Giannini
Managing Director

T: +39 335 13 31 691

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