ZF Accelerates Commercial Vehicle Security and Efficiency.

Offering fleets real-time, AI-based automated decision-making and optimization, SCALAR, ZF’s advanced new digital Fleet Orchestration Platform can also enhance cargo safety and security.

Ensuring cargo is tracked and fully visible throughout each stage of the supply chain, SCALAR ‘orchestrates’ full end-to-end connection of the logistics value chain, from shippers, logistics providers and long-haul carriers to distribution centers, last-mile carriers and consumers.

ZF recently presented a proof-of-concept demonstration showing how SCALAR can integrate trailer cargo data from multiple sources. This includes “time of flight” sensors such as ZF’s CargoCam and its high-quality OptiLock range of mechanical and digital locking systems which provide actionable insights to better monitor, protect and manage trailer payloads.

ZF’s TX-TRAILERGUARD also helps protect trailers and their cargo. In addition to track and trace, it provides a wide range of real-time trailer data, including diagnostics, location and performance information – vital when transporting refrigerated, specialty, and high-security cargo. A rechargeable, long-lasting battery ensures uninterrupted data availability. In conjunction with ZF’s OptiLock ELB-Lock, dispatchers are alerted in critical situations via ZF’s multi-functional TX-CONNECT back-office platform.

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