Elevate your cargo security with ZF

Did you know? ZF offers the industry’s broadest product portfolio to the commercial vehicle sector which enables us to address cargo security in a very holistic way.

Discover ZF’s 5 Building Blocks to embrace Cargo Security 

Our modular and scalable Cargo Security Suite provides a straightforward approach designed to make securing your cargo a hassle-free experience. In today’s fast-paced environment, we understand the challenges of today’s fleets. ZF’s solutions not only streamline your daily operations, we also add a layer of security to your fleet. By integrating ZF’s solutions, you equip your fleet to handle changes, safety incidents, or security breaches with ease.

Website: https://www2.zf.com/CargoSecuritypage



Gert Jan Zuidema for North Europe

E: gertjan.zuidema@zf.com

Guillaume Pecout for South Europe

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