Session 5

Progressing TAPA’s supply chain Security Standards in EMEA

TAPA’s Facility (FSR), Trucking (TSR) and Parking (PSR) Security Standards are used by companies in over 70 countries in the Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) region as a core part of their supply chain resilience programmes.

In 2023, TAPA launched new revisions of all 3 Standards, and, in EMEA, this has been supported with English, French, German, ItaIian, Spanish, and Turkish translations, multi- lingual training materials using Avatars, as well as the launch of a new EC Safe & Secure Truck Parking Areas (SSTPAs) training course and TAPA Standards’ training webinars. Next up, the EMEA region is preparing for the launch of the TAPA Cyber Security Standard later this year. This presentation looks at all these developments.

Markus Prinz, TAPA EMEA’s Senior Manager, Standards, Training & Certification, joined the Association’s professional team in February 2021 to contribute his expertise in logistics and experience of the Association’s FSR, TSR & PSR Security Standards for facilities, trucking, and secure parking respectively. Markus previously served as Board Member of TAPA EMEA and as Training Lead, taking responsibility for the development of the Association’s training programme, including the creation of online courses and local language versions of the TAPA Standards and training materials as well as guidance documents for Locking Systems, CCTV, and Telematics to assist companies working towards certification. Markus formerly worked as a quality and security manager at a logistics service provider in Germany, with a daily focus on high value security transports and associated storage.

Markus Prinz

Markus Prinz

Senior Manager, Standards & Training