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2024 a year like no other – a CSO’s perspective

After an already challenging last 12 months, 2024 seems to have become an even more collective stress test. The world seems to be in turmoil, changing the economic order as well as the global security picture.

In the context of security, there have been several turning points in history, but today’ s global security picture once again shows that these turning points require significant changes in security and resilience strategies to meet new and emerging threats.

We live in a globalized but fragmented and fast-evolving world in which risks and threats do not fit neat boxes. For example, geopolitics are driving a multitude of political, regulatory, operational, and security risks, all with the potential of generating spillover effects. Furthermore, increasing economic and organised crime, cyberattacks, hybrid warfare, political radicalisation – including climate activism and erupting natural disasters – explicate the vulnerability of commercial enterprises and, especially, critical infrastructures.

In her Keynote Address, Julia Vincke, CSO of BASF, will take us on a journey into the future. With her perspective, she will shed light on the evolving security landscape and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. She will also explore the critical shifts in security and the implications they hold for businesses and individuals. Last, but not least, Julia will emphasise the need for adaptive strategies, proactive approaches, global collaboration, and a security-centric culture to thrive in this new world of insecurity.

Julia Vincke is Vice President Security at BASF, a criminologist, and former police chief inspector. Over the past 25 years, she has gained experience in various leadership and management positions within the Lower Saxony police, on foreign missions and in several commercial companies, including the retail, automotive and chemical industry. In 2012, Julia worked for the German Police Project Team (GPPT) in Afghanistan and, in 2014, for the European Union Border Management Assistance Mission in Libya (EUBAM Libya). Her focus is on topics such as public safety, international security, security strategies, risk management, crisis management and geopolitics. Julia is an author, lecturer, and speaker on security topics, especially women in security, a matter close to her heart. She is also an active board member in national and international security associations.

Julia Vincke

Julia Vincke

Vice President Security BASF Group