Session 8

The Resilient Supply Chain in 2025 & Beyond: What puts it at risk?

In an age where unpredictability is the only certainty, the future of supply chains is increasingly threatened by geopolitical and climate-related risks. These intertwined challenges compel a paradigm shift from traditional risk assessments to the cultivation of resilient supply chains capable of withstanding and adapting to the unforeseeable. In this presentation, “The Resilient Supply Chain in 2025,” I will unveil a strategic 3-step approach to navigate this new landscape: firstly, assessing your supply chain’s exposure to geopolitical and climate risks; secondly, leveraging advanced AI technologies for efficient and comprehensive risk analysis; and thirdly, applying these insights to design supply chains that are not only resilient but also agile and forward-looking. This approach not only anticipates future risks but also ensures a strategic advantage in navigating them. Join me as we explore practical, innovative strategies to future-proof your supply chain against the backdrop of the evolving global challenges.

Marco Felsberger is Senior Resilience Advisor at With nearly two decades of experience, Marco has established himself as an expert in risk and resilience across various sectors, including the Austrian Army, chemical industry, banking, and notably in Supply Chain Resilience. His career highlights include leading security teams, implementing resilience strategies, and pioneering Business Continuity and Crisis Management Programs. Currently, as a Senior Resilience Advisor at, Marco is at the forefront of innovating AI-driven supply chain risk and sustainability monitoring. His commitment to advancing the field extends to academia, where he teaches at three Universities of Applied Sciences, sharing his expertise and best practices in risk and resilience management.

Marco Felsberger

Marco Felsberger

Senior Resilience Advisor,