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Julia Vincke

Julia Vincke

Julia is a criminologist and senior executive with extensive international expertise and leadership in the field of security.

Over 25 years, she has gathered experience in various leadership and management functions within the Lower Saxony Police Force, during foreign assignments as well as at a corporate level. Since 2015, she has held leadership roles in the field of Corporate Security in several commercial enterprises including the retail, automotive, and chemical. Her main focus is on topical areas such as public security, international security, security strategies, risk management, crisis management and geopolitics.

Julia is also an author, lecturer, and speaker on security topics, especially on women in security, which is a matter close to her heart.

She joined BASF Group in 2022. BASF creates chemistry for a sustainable future and contributes to the success of customers in nearly all sectors and almost every country in the world. BASF generated sales of €87.3 billion in 2022.